We started as any other entrepreneur with so much passion, no experience and moving big rocks along the way, but with an eye on what we wanted to be, a point of reference of how a small company without many resources can achieve great things. Dedication, positivism, respect for our clients and colleagues and quality of service differentiate us from others. We do not feel we have accomplished all of our dreams, because there is so much more to do, however we believe that we are going in the right path


Dental Broker Specialist | Commercial Real Estate

HECTOR YUSTI, our founder is a Dental Broker Specialist, has been serving the South Florida Market since 2013, having sold within the last 9-10 years more than 130 dental offices in the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach.

If you have ever thought of selling your dental practice, you are in the right place, feel free to list your practice on our platform for a small fee.

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